Monday, May 2, 2011

Spa Basket for Makeover Monday

For Makeover Monday I made a spa basket for a friend. I filled it with scented soap, a washcloth, a scrubbie, and a facial cleaning pad (you'll need to be signed into ravelry to follow the pattern links). I also made the basket by combining several patterns that I found on Ravelry. My friend and I had intented to sit back with a mud masks on our faces and watch the kids play. Sadly the closest we got to a mud mask was rinsing my 3 year old (caked in mud) off with a hose in the yard. We had fun attempting to chat while chasing the kids around, however.

I also made this cute bath toy/ scrubbie for a give away on my Worth a Fig blog... Check it out!


  1. What a cute idea! I might have to give my friends something like this.

  2. Such cute hats, etc........Neat giveaway

  3. Oh wow, you're really good making those stuffs! I just joined my knitting class last two weeks but still too lazy to practise at home. Is it difficult to make hat and other things by knitting? I should learn from you Jen!

  4. Aww... So cute! I love these little scrubbies. :)


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