Prices for finished items:
Finger puppets (monsters or any animals or people) $3.50 each
Set of 5 for puppets $15
Mini toys or bookmarks $4.00
Octopus or other Little Creature  $8.50
Modified Creatures (Octomummy, Socktopus, etc) $10
Octopus Hat Adult  $35 USD
                     Youth $30 USD
                      Infant/Baby $25
Water Bottle Carriers (sock monkey or one of your own invention) $25
                       Plain with no face for $20

I can customize orders as well... there might be a small fee if there is any major modifications from my normal designs.  I can even design something just for you or try and create something that you've seen either in pattern form or from a photo.

The only limits are your imagination and mine... and my imagination is pretty big... so if you have an idea it's worth a try.

Contact me with your order and we can add in shipment costs and set up payment through pay pal.  Check my Etsy store soon for handmade toys as well as my patterns.

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