Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Pattern: Mini Flyer

This is simply a smaller version of my Spring Break Frisbee. I wanted to make something small that would fit into medium size geocache containers and yet still fly. This is what I came up with. You can use two strands of any worsted weight yarn. I made my sample projects with cotton, but feel free to experiment with other fibers.

This cute little flyer fits into the palm of your hand and can still fly as far as it's big brother. It is a fast little project... and if your dog won't fetch it... it would make a fine beret for a smaller breed.

You can make this in a single color by holding two strands of the same color together, but I prefer the look of two color. It is also an excellent way to remove the cob webs from those hard to reach corners... just aim and let it fly!

For this project you'll need:
Size K hook
2 worsted weight yarns.
Tapestry needle for weaving in the ends

Round 1: Holding 2 strands together and using the K hook use the magic ring method to SC 6 into the ring.
Round 2: 2 SC into each of the 6 stitches (12 st)
Round 3: *SC into next SC, 2 SC into next SC* repeat around (18 st)
Round 4: *SC into next 2 SC, 2 SC into next SC* repeat around (24 st)
Round 5: *SC into next 3 SC, 2 SC into next SC* repeat around (30 st)
Round 6: *SC into next 4 SC, 2 SC into next SC* repeat around (36 st)
Round 7: *SC into next 3 SC, SC next two stitches together* repeat around (30 st)
Slip stitch into next two stitches, fasten off, weave in ends.

Please have fun with this. It will be listed on Ravelry so if you make one post a photo and drop me a line or post a comment. If you have any problems feel free to contact me.



  1. What a fun treasure to find while geocaching. We have never tried it yet but maybe geocaching should go on our summer to do list. Have a happy weekend. :)

  2. I made three of these and my two kids and husband and I are having a lot of fun throwing them. They're great for indoors and for kids since they don't get hurt if one accidentally hits them.

  3. Thanks for the comment...I'm glad you enjoy the pattern. I make these all the time myself. They make great quick gifts and they are fun to put in geocaches.

  4. This is so cute!


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