Monday, May 23, 2011

New Pattern:Facial Scrubbing Disc (for Makeover Monday)

For Makeover Monday I made a gift basket for a friend. I whipped up a couple of cool natural beauty aids in the kitchen: Oatmeal bath, lavender linen spray, lavender bath powder, and an herbal massage oil. I then designed this quick little pattern for a facial scrubbing pad based on a washcloth pattern that I'm fond of. I simple combined single crochet stitch with the triple to create a textured surface... Here is what I did.

Use an F or G hook and worsted weight cotton yarn.

Round 1-Make a magic ring and then crotchet 6 into the ring.
Round 2-SC and TR into each stitch around for a total of 12 stitches (6 single and 6 triple).
Round 3-( SC into next stitch, SC twice into next) repeat all the way around for 18 SC.
Round 4- (SC into next, TR into next, SC and TR into the next) repeat all the way around for a total of 24 (12SC and 12 TR)
Round 5- (SC into next 3 stitches, SC two stitches into the next) repeat all the way around for a total of 30 SC.
Slip stitch into next two SC and then fasten off.
Weave in ends and you have yourself a cute facial scrubbie.

If you are interested in finding out the recipe for the oatmeal bath simply stop by my other blog by clicking on the button and check out Makeover Monday. I will be posting the other recipes in weeks to come.



  1. I love the scrubby idea, thanks for sharing the pattern. What type of yarn did you use? Cotton?

  2. Oops forgot the hook size and yarn type... I fixed it. Use an f or g hook and worsted cotton yarn. Thanks Dawn!

  3. Cool, going to make some of these for me and my friends!

  4. Let me know how the pattern works up for you... I typed it up quickly and hope I got it all right. It was a very quick project.

  5. When you say "crochet 6 into the ring," is that 6 sc's?

  6. Yes, single crochet. Sorry that was unclear.


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