Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Santa Hat

Deck the gods with boughs of holly… Ra ra ra ra ra… ra ra ra ra… Ok this isn’t Ra, but Anubis… but they both have animal heads and look great in Santa hats.

 You can make these Santa hats for your amigurumi, finger puppets, or statues of Anubis.  Or simply add a string at the top for a quick Christmas tree ornament.  I used an E hook with a DK yarn for the hat and a worsted weight for the white trim.

sc- single crochet
inc- single crochet two into one
sl st- slip stitch

Round 1- Make 6 sc into a magic ring
Round 2- sc around (6)
Round 3- (sc, inc)  around (9)
Round 4- sc around (9)
Round 5- (sc, sc, inc) around (12)
Round 6- sc around switching to white in the last stitch (12)
Round 7- sc around in the white, sl st into first stitch and fasten off.
Weave in ends and make a french knot in white at the top with a nice thick yarn for the ball.


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