Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mummies and More!

Five little mummies sleeping in a tomb
One mummy said "We need a bigger room!"
So he jumped right up and marched out the door.
He went on his quest and then there were four.

Four little mummies sitting in a crypt.
One mummy said "I think I'll take a little trip."
So he packed his bags and soon he was free.
He left them all behind and then there were three.

Three little mummies resting in their grave
One mummy said "It's time to be a little brave!"
So he marched out the door because he knew just what to do.
He walked across the desert and the there were two.

Two little mummies in a pyramid in the sand.
One mummy cried "I want to visit distant lands!"
So he called his travel agent and said "It's time I had some fun."
He booked his flight to Memphis and then there was one.

One little mummy was sent to the museum.
He was sad and alone until his brothers came to see him.
So by day they are on exibit but at night they come alive.
Then they all run and play... the little mummies five.

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