Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little People Finger Puppets

These little people are easy to make and you can make a wide variety of characters to entertain the kids for hours.

Little People Finger Puppets

sc- single crochet
inc- increase or single crochet twice into one stitch
sc2tog- single crochet two together
sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain

Scrap yarn in 3 different colors and a hook that works best for you with that weight to make tight stitches. I used an Egyptian yarn that doesn't specify color but I would guess it was sport weight.
I used an E hook with the lighter weight yarn. When using worsted weight I used an F hook.
Bits of thread or yarn for face.

Round 1: Using hair color single crochet 6 into a magic ring.
Round 2: (sc, inc) around to make 9 sc
Round 3: (sc, sc, inc) around to make 12 sc
Round 4: sc around changing to skin color in the last stitch (12)
Rounds 5-8: sc around in skin color until the last stitch in round 8. Change to shirt color. (12)
Rounds 9-12: sc in shirt color around all rows. Sl st into the next two and then fasten off.

If you are making a boy/man simply weave in ends and sew on a face.

Braids for girls:
Flatten the puppet putting the color change seam in the back. Cut two pieces of yarn that are several inches long for each braid. Stick your hook through a stitch on the side of head around row three. Fold two strands in half and pull them through with your hook as if you are going to make fringe, but instead make a chain using the 4 strands of the folded yarn. Chain four or five and fasten off. Repeat on the other side of the head. Tie a bow to match shirt color at the end of each chain.

Bun for old lady:
sc four into a magic ring
inc into each around for a total of 8 sc
sc2tog around for a total of 4 sc
Fasten off leaving a tail to sew onto the top of head.


  1. I just got a message from you on my Ravelry account and noticed you had some finger puppets on your blog! So I had to come check them out! These are adorable and they DO totally resemble those little Fisher Price people! The hair bun totally cracked me up because I remember that so well. Nice job with them! I love finger puppets. Which is kind of funny because I don't really like full-sized puppets much and ventriloquist dummies terrify me! 0.0

  2. Finger puppets are very popular & easy to make and link you shared is good.
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  3. I love them but do not know how to make the magic circle.Please show a video...simple one.

  4. What is your crochet hook number please?


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