Monday, April 30, 2012

New Pattern: Ellie the Elephant Finger Puppet

E or F hook
Sport weight or worsted weight yarn
embroidery thread or yarn to sew on eyes
yarn needle

sc- single crochet
inc- increase or single crochet twice into one stitch

Row 1:  Start by making 6 sc into a magic ring (6)
Row 2:  (sc, inc) around (9)
Row 3:  (sc, sc, inc) around (12)
Row 4-11:  sc in each stitch (12) 
fasten off
Ears (make 2)
Row 1:  Start by making 6 sc into a magic ring (6)
Row 2: inc into each stitch (12)
slip stitch into next two and then fasten off
attach ears to either side of body
Find stitch in center of body where you want the trunk to be.  Insert the crochet needle into the stitch diagonally.  Use a bit of yarn about a foot long.  Fold in half.  Pull the center part through as if to make fringe, but instead of pulling the yarn all the way through use the loop as the first stitch in a chain.  Chain stitch 5 more times with this doubled yarn.  Pull the end through and trim.
That is it... now give it to the first kid you find or simply enjoy the little guy yourself.

 I created this pattern while on vacation in Dahab, Egypt on the Red Sea.  I had the wonderful opportunity to have a craft exchange with this group of Bedouin girls who were selling brackets near our  hotel's pool.  I showed them some basic crochet stitches and gave them some of my stash and hooks to practice with... and in exchange they showed me how to make the wrapped bracelets that they were selling.  It was a fun experience.


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