Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mike Row continues his voyage.

Mike Row has traveled a total of 3206 miles so far. He was last logged in Washington State and he is on his way to Burning Man.

Here he is for his last photo in Texas with a large spiny lizard.

Mike Row at Bradley Point

From Log Entry: "Bradley Point a small state park and rest area along Highway 30 in Oregon on the way towards the Oregon Coast. Behind MikeRow is a beautiful vista of the Columbia River and one of my favorite spots on the drive to the beach."

Mike Row in Cannon Beach, OR

From Log Entry: "Mike traveled with me (StephGail) and Kuno the geopup to Cannon Beach, OR where behind Mike is Haystack Rock which some of you might remember from the movie The Goonies. It was a beautiful day for the beach."

Mutant Vehicle Geo-cache

From Log Entry: "Dragons Breath bike a Burning Man (2003) Mutant Vehicle is the perfect spot for a Geocache."

I can't wait to see where Mike turns up next...


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