Monday, July 25, 2011

New Pattern: Buckeye Necklace and some other stuff I've been working on.

Buckeye Necklace

I made this necklace by simply collecting buckeye pods and removing the seeds. We don't have the Ohio Buckeyes around here... I believe the pods I used came from a Mexican Buckeye tree. These trees actually aren't related... but the seeds look similar when removed from the pod. In folklore buckeye seeds are used a magical amulets and good luck charms.

All I did was drill a small hole through the seeds and string them onto crotchet thread.

I then simply did the chain stitch until the spot where I wanted the first seed to be. (about 40-50 chains)

Then I slipped the seed into place and did a chain stitch around the seed and securing it in place.

I continued crocheting 15-10 stitches in between seeds and then securing them in place until I had used all the seeds I wanted to use.

Then I crochet the other side of the necklace (another 40-50 chains) before fastening off.

This is a very adaptable pattern... if you can call it a pattern. I used 5 seeds on this one... but I also made necklaces with 1 or 3 seeds as well. This is more of an idea really... and I wanted to share it... and the luck of the buckeye as well.

Here is another idea I have been working on. I saw a cool crochet covered rock here... and then finally adapted a pattern for a cell phone charm that you can find here.
My last little necklace I adapted from one of my own patterns... the Octopus Finger Puppet. All I did was use crochet thread and a 1.5mm hook and made it exactly the same way as the puppet.



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