Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Puppets, Pumpkins, and Pirates...Oh my!

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend. We spent the holiday with friends at their "cabin by the lake"...The girls decorated the cabin and then carved Jack-O-lanterns by the water. We made Mummy pizzas and pumpkin pancakes and had a Halloween-good-time!

For our second night at the lake we had a camp out and made some really cool and simple Halloween shadow puppets to use in the tent. The girls made up their own stories and put on a wonderful show.

In addition to the simple one part puppets in the previous link we also made a cool spider puppet as well. The legs on this one use joints to connect them to the body so you can make your spider look like it's crawling up the side of the tent.

We returned from our camp out on Halloween day and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. M and I put together a pirate Halloween costume by making her a hat, eye patch and jolly roger flag. All we had to buy for her costume was the hook. L was a bit more difficult. She decided at the last minute that she did not want to be a fairy... so she simply picked some items from the dress up box for her Halloween outfit.

I hope you had a wonderful and scary Halloween as well.

Happy Halloween!

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