Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ravelry and Ravings

I haven't posted anything in a while... and it is not that I haven't been knitting... I just haven't finished anything in a while. I have been working on lots of little projects and not finishing any of them. So yesterday I vowed to finish something for a change... and so I finished up a few odds and ends. One of the projects I finished was this washcloth for my daughter. I found this cool and very detailed pattern is on another blog... check it out here

I have also been knitting up some bibs and burp cloths for all the many babies on the way right now. I finished a bib and started on a burp cloth. I know it seems odd to knit something just for a baby to puke and spill stuff on... but hey if my knitted cloths can make someone smile while cleaning up baby puke then I think I've done something truly special.

I got these patterns from the book Mason Dixon Knitting.

And last but not least... I've been working on this wrap. I had planned on wearing it to my anniversary party... but not only was it too hot...but I hadn't finished the dang thing anyway. Oh well there will be other parties. I think that I might just make this wrap in a specialty yarn instead of the cheap acrylic I used for this attempt. I found this pattern here.

The other knitting related thing that I've been doing is setting up an account at Ravelry. It is a really cool tool for all you knitters and crocheters out there! You can post pictures of you projects... meet other people that are interested in the same type of projects you are... and just have fun looking through the forum and all the free patterns. Stop by and add me to your friends list if you are a member!

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